Daniel Dixon

Zenon Tomiampos (Artist)

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  I have known Zenon Tomiampos since he was 19 years old. We met through tennis. He is a very welcoming presence. If you are not in the best of moods seeing Zenon never fails to lift your mood. He is the quickest witted person that I have ever known… and an often in a […]


Sarah Miller (Comedy Writer)

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Sarah Miller is a charismatic young writer from New York. I am more that excited about exposing her insightful humorous writing style to the world. She skillfully paints entertaining canvasses with words. She is prolifically observant to the world around her. Get ready for humor, Sarah Miller NY style. More on Sarah soon. Her site […]

Mike McHam

Mike McHam (Artist)

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  I found Michael’s work by chance. I wasn’t sure what to think at first, except that I remember spending a lot of time looking at it. When publishing this site, I kept Mike in mind, I contacted him and went over his work again, and again I spent hours viewing it. I noticed many […]